After the destruction of his home city, the Trojan hero Aeneas escapes with his father, prince Anchises, and his young son, Ascanius. His long journey will bring him to Italy, where his descendant Romulus will found Rome: the three stages of life, migrating through the Mediterranean Sea, bringing with them their cultural heritage.

An Aeneas talk should respect the following principles.

  • Diversified academic experience: although the speakers share expertise in a topic, they are expected to have different backgrounds and/or be at a different stage of their academic career and/or belong to different institutions.

  • Past, present and future: the talk should cover classical results, current research and propose open questions.

  • Chorality: individual sensibilities of speakers should constructively interact.

This new format boosts interactions and discussion, helping new collaborations.

Giulio Codogni and Andrea Fanelli


[Credit: Wikipedia]