Prof. Renato Spigler

Professor of Mathematics (Full Professor of Numerical Analysis)

Renato Spigler,
Department of Mathematics
University "Roma Tre"
1, Largo San Leonardo Murialdo
00146 Rome, ITALY
(39) 06-5733.8211
Research proposals: Proposal 1:

A symplectic numerical approach to e.m. wave propagation in thermonucelar plasmas, based on WKB techniques applied to the Maxwell-Vlasov system
(in collaboration with Dr. Alessandro Cardinali, ENEA, Centro Ricerche Frascati).

Proposal 2:

Domain Decomposition solution of partial differential equations by probabilistic methods.

Proposal 3: Modelling and numerical solution of fractional differential equations problems.

Proposal 4: Approximations by sigmoidal functions superposition (Neural Networks).